IT Support Pitfalls – “I know a guy”

Because IT problems just don’t happen last thing on a Friday afternoon.

We have all been in the same situation: it’s deadline day for the large project, the report and contracts need to be printed and sent over to the client. The situation is already stressful but the last thing you need is either the printer not working, the document you are working on won’t open or worse is corrupt or worse case scenario your PC turned off and now it wont switch on.

Now if you are working in a large company, this might just be a call to the IT guys and they can come along and sort it out in time. However if you are one of the millions of SMB’s in the UK you might not have a dedicated team, you might not even have a single on-site IT person and it’s a call to someone who occasionally comes in to fix problems ad-hoc.

But it’s Friday afternoon and he’s not picking up the phone – sound familiar?

If this is the case there is always another way, and it can be as easy as picking up the phone to ask for help. Outsourcing your IT needs is a great way to keep your systems running, even out of hours.

E-mpower.IT is one such company who offer managed services such as server monitoring, email SPAM and Virus filtering, web / app hosting, break-fix support and much more..

If you want to chat about your IT support needs, even as a disaster recovery plan we would be happy to help.

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