What is Office Support?

A low cost option for contracted IT support. It provides on-demand support including: site visits by our engineer to carry out a full system audit, enabling your pcs with remote access capability, SWOT analysis of your IT system, managing the network and quarterly review meetings coupled with a personal, friendly service to ensure we are familiar with your site and those that work there.

What is Complete Support?

Fully managed support with all the features of Office Support, plus: priority on-demand support, pro-active management of all desktop pcs and daily pro-active monitoring on every workstation to ensure any problems are picked up and fixed before they cause you a problem. We’ll also liaise with your suppliers in order to get any IT problems resolved on our behalf.

What is Server Support?

Managing your network and pro-active monitoring, maintenance and problem-solving of your servers - the hub of your IT system. We ensure the overall operation of the business is protected before problems affect your business.

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