Backup and Disaster Recovery

How would your business react to a disaster either natural or human-induced? Disaster recovery and Backup is ensuring the correct processes, policies and procedures are in place to prepare for recovery or continuation of your business should there be a disaster. This emphasis is protecting your organisation’s data with backup and IT infrastructure to enable you to continue trading. The need for this has never been greater, let us help protect your business and your data.

Backup – Ensure your data is safe, secure and protected from being deleted or destroyed whether it’s due to natural or human-induced disaster. Did you know 43% of companies never reopen following a major loss of business data? Don’t be one of them, choose from:

Off-site Backup

Also known as ‘remote storage’, ensures your vital data is backed up in a separate geographical location, this could be in another office or at a datacentre. We give you the resources to do it yourself.

Managed Backup

We continuously monitor your backup system to ensure successful backups are completed as scheduled. Either by remotely monitoring your existing backup process or by taking complete control of the backup, the equipment used, and the data recovery process. The process is also regularly tested to ensure your data is fully retrievable and not corrupted.

Hybrid Backup

A perfect solution for those looking to backup data securely both onsite and in the cloud. It’s a low cost, low energy, space saving solution that’s much cheaper and a lot quieter than large servers and all data is stored in the UK.

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